Ben has been around learning, entrepreneurship and innovation his entire life. You'll find him on the frontline coaching employees to work at their best or innovating to make the learning experience more engaging. Ben is a well rounded leader, having worked in many operational and strategic leadership roles. He has extensive knowledge of both the Vocational Education and  Learning and Development sectors. Ben founded two companies and has worked on a variety of joint projects with other entrepreneurs. As a coach and mentor, he inspires action with the goal of building a more educated and innovative economy. A lover of technology and all thinkings 'futuristic', Ben is forward-thinking and brings this attitude to everything he does. 

Ben's specialities and services include: 

Organisational Culture 
Ben loves to work with organisations to help them understand and cultivate good organisational culture. Applying a 'results only' method, Ben can help organisations increase productivity, engagement and performance. Appreciating the value of a positive workplace culture is at the forefront of current leadership trends. Culture drives the success of many organisations such as Zappos, Southwest Airlines and Australian software giant, Atlassian.

See an example of one of Ben's culture frameworks: 
Learoy Culture Framework | Learoy Culture Article 

Education Design 
Ben has been around education all of his working life. Specialising in content design for Leadership, Organisational Culture and Customer Experience, Ben puts a forward thinking spin on all learning and development material. Never one to be to happy with the status quo, he is always looking to build on the latest educational and leadership trends. Ben is an advocate for flexible learning and working, and maximising technologies for effective collaboration. 

See an example of one of Ben's PowerPoint presentations:
Culture Keynote | Trends Keynote

Workshop Facilitation 
Ben is an experienced facilitator, working with groups from 10 to up to 400 people. Ben confidently takes the stage to deliver workshops and keynote addresses. With a focus on aspiration, inspiration and motivation, Ben is a great fit to rev a team up and really get them going. 

See an example of Ben in action: 
Ben as an Online Facilitator 

Startup Business 
Ben has founded two companies, led another start up and collaborated on several seed ideas. He understands the first 12 'rollercoaster' months of business very well and loves sharing this knowledge with other entrepreneurs. 

See Ben's blog on 'Startups & Fuckups' here: 
Blog via Linkedin 

Leadership Mentoring 
Ben has worked one-on-one with many leaders to help them break down barriers and find solutions to optimise their performance. With a focus on innovating in frontline leadership, Ben is a great fit for the leaders in around the 20–38 age bracket looking to kick their careers up a gear. 

Hear from one of Ben's mentees here: 

Innovation Ideation
Ben's strength is innovation. In every business he has been involved with, he sought to 'think differently'. Exploring trends is one of Ben's hobbies and he loves working with businesses that have or want an innovative mindset. 

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Innovating Education Article

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